Portal Cake

I’m really proud of the fact that I beat both Portal games, thanks to my brother’s help at parts. I think I enjoyed that game partially due to the fact that nothing chases you. For some reason I have real issues with being chased, either in games or real life. Tag was not something I liked to participate in as a kid, and sadly, neither was Pacman… Despite that hindrance, I really do like video games, and Portal has the added bonus of a cool end credits song and an awesome cake for bakers like me to imitate!


There’s no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying til you run out of cake

Even though Portal has been out for a long time and this cake is not exactly a novel idea, I was super excited to make it for my friend’s birthday this past weekend on his request. Cakes are bigger projects that I love doing, but I really need a good excuse to spend that much time or money on ingredients and prep. It might not be that feasible to run a bakery out of my apartment kitchen as a student now, but I’m really enamored with the idea of being a baker on the side.


For this cake, I actually used the same recipe for the cake and filling as for my own birthday cake in June — chocolate cake with cookie dough filling! The frosting was mostly the same as well, but I reserved some vanilla before adding the cocoa powder, and made it more chocolatey than my own cake’s frosting. I also got to learn how to shave chocolate, which I imagine would be the first job I give my plebe minimum wage workers if I had a bakery. It’s not difficult work, but taking a vegetable peeler to a frozen chocolate bar for like an hour isn’t exactly that thrilling. Getting the chocolate shavings onto the cake perfectly was a little tricky — I scooped up some shavings with a flat spatula and quickly smacked it onto the side of the cake (do it less violently than I make that sound). This can cause the shavings to get smaller or lose their shape, but it helped that I froze them a bit. The top of the cake was easier as I just sprinkled them on.


This birthday was also the first time I’ve gone bar-hopping down the infamous avenue near my college. Let me tell you, we saw some things. The world looks different after 2am. It’s a circus out there when hungry drunk people are roaming about the streets.


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